Make Your Own Music

Make Your Own Music the traditional way or the easy modern way

If you’re keen to make your own music, there are different ways to go about it depending on your skills and your reason for wanting to create music of your own.  You can do it the traditional way by playing an instrument of your choice and composing lyrics to go with it or do it the modern way by using music making software for which you need no skills or the necessity to learn to play an instrument.  There was a time when making a music album meant booking a studio and heading to it with musicians, their instruments etc. and having your piece recorded all of which cost a huge amount of money.  But with software, there’s so much more you can do and for a fraction of the money you would have to pay for recording in a studio.

Traditional method of making music

In the days gone by, making music meant having to choose an instrument and practice until you’re sufficiently skilled to play any genre of music. Unless one has an inherent talent, this takes a long time.  Those who could afford it would go to a tutor while others would keep at it until they honed their skills or gave it up altogether in frustration. Those capable of composing the lyrics would do so and try to put it to music which had to be edited and arranged until it was acceptable.  A composer had also to think about the introduction, the chorus and versus etc. all of which had to have a strong structure and a pleasing theme.

Shooting the Video and burning the CD

Once you have done arranging the lyrics and music for your song you might want to take a look at making your own video. For a first timer its best to go for a story board with a simplistic theme keeping in mind your budget. You will next have to decide on the location and the shooting. These days you can have it done with your digital camera or your camera phone with help from your family and friends.  Once the shooting is done you   have to transfer the video to your computer, edit the script and set it to music.  Thereafter you can burn your CD or share it on the web.

Modern method of making music

The advantage today is that you don’t have to learn to pay an instrument since musical enthusiasts are afforded a great opportunity to create their own music by using music making software. All you need is a computer and some creativity and even a novice will have no problem dealing with a user-friendly interface that will help him to make his own musical creations in no time.

Getting quality music making software

Just make sure that you invest in quality music making software which doesn’t have to be very expensive.  A good quality music maker usually comes with video tutorials and step by step instructions to make it easy to produce your rhythm and tempo.  It’s in your best interest to get yourself a program that provides thousands of sound samples to enable you to mix, match and arrange as many times as you like. This will help you to keep experimenting with different sounds and beats so that in time to come you will have no problem in coming up with great  sound tracks that you might even be able to sell online.

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