What is Beat?

What is Beat and the way it’s done today

“Beat” is a common word you get to hear in the music scene, especially in relation to genres such as rap and hip hop. So what exactly does it mean? According to the dictionary it means a unit of rhythm while a beat maker is an instrument or piece of equipment that makes beats.  Many years back, the only way a beat could be made was by recording the sounds of various percussion instruments such as drums and cymbals among others separately and thereafter by mixing these sounds to come up with a suitable arrangement to produce the beat.

Making Beats the modern way

But that was then and here we are today with innovative technology at our finger tips to be fortunate enough to have computer software that can produce digital drum sounds and beats at the drop of a hat. Actually, it’s not that easy because you have to work at the sound samples offered to you in order to come up with your own beats to which the lyrics or vocals can be added later on.  What’s absolutely mind boggling is that almost anyone with an iota of music in his veins can become a beat maker of note if he has the right kind of equipment and software and the know how to go about it.

Ease of making Beats with Software

It’s amazing to think that a computer and software can help you to become a quality beat maker that sounds as good or even better than some of the artists you hear on the airwaves.  With the new generation of musicians and their youthful followers having a bend towards hip hop, rock, pop and rap, there are limitless opportunities out there for anyone to avail themselves of the plethora of beat maker software offered online.  These could be free of charge or through the payment of a nominal amount of money depending on the quality and composition of the packages you buy.

Understanding your needs and the Beats you wish to make

What’s more, the better quality software programs provide comprehensive tutorials and step by step guidelines on how to set up the equipment in order to start making the beats.  But it’s up you to know what kind of music you want to play and the artists you prefer to emulate be it rock, reggae or rap.  Listening to these artists and the way they use their sounds will help you to get the hang of it before long, especially if you understand the arrangements of a particular song and separate it according to its introduction, chorus, verse and bridging areas etc.

Creating sounds with rhythmic beats

You have to master the basics before you start using your beat maker to create the sounds of your choice.  This is where quality software comes into play since you will have less hassle in understanding how the various components come together to make smooth flowing sounds that pulsate to rhythmic beats.  If however you don’t  like the idea of making digital beats through a computer, you can always go for musical instruments to make your music sound more natural.  But be warned, unless you’re extremely talented and highly dedicated, this can be a long hard road unlike the easy and popular methods used today for creating beats through a beat maker.

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